This jewellery is all hand made here in my Queenstown studio with sustainable local materials, The pieces are one-off art jewellery and are not mass-produced so I have very limited suppliers. You are however welcome to pop in and see what's new in the studio by appointment and Or book jewellery Classes here in my mountain studio.


Studio visit - Queenstown - 027 534 5699

QT Contemporary Gallery - 027 511 2721

Fingers Gallery - Auckland - 09 373 3974

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Much thanks to Paul Green for his wonderful images, Shotover Media for the studio footage, Tim Miller for his technical help, Annika Dawkins for her design help over the years, the galleries and collectors who support me and to my mentors Wendy Blyth, Peter Deckers and Warwick Freeman, who are just amazing to have as part of my life and art practice.